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What is this, AMI-CPC ?

AMI-CPC is an Amstrad CPC 6128 emulator for AMIGA.

The minimal configuration is above :

  • a 68020 processor or better,
  • a Kickstart 2.0 or better,
  • a small amount of memory (512K or more...)

an that's all... Be carefull, I recommand a 68030 or better and some FAST RAM to make AMI-CPC usable...

AMI-CPC uses the Roms of a CPC 6128. Theses Roms are inclued in the archive. It needs also some disks image files. It recognizes the .DSK format, used by the majority of the CPC emulators. One file in .DSK format including some small tests programs is in the archive.

AMI-CPC respect the OS, no direct hardware access is made. But, I'm not sure that it works on an AMIGA with a graphic card.

AMI-CPC was successfully tested on the configuration above :

  • A1200 basis (2Mo Chip, 68EC020 at 14Mhz),
  • A1200, 4Mo of Fast,
  • A1200, MTEC 68030 at 28 Mhz, 4Mo Fast
  • A1200, Blizzard 1230, 4Mo Fast,
  • A1200, Blizzard 1260, 16Mo Fast,
  • A2000, Kick 2.0, 68030 at 22Mhz,
  • P166, 32Mo Ram, Win95, and UAE...

Two versions are included in the archive, a normal version, which needs about 512K of memory, and a turbo version, 20% faster, but which needs about 2,5 Mo of memory. Some tools are comming with AMI-CPC, they are usefull to convert differents disk files format, and read or write files on disk files..

And, whith AMI-CPC you have the source code. It made at 75% in assembly and 25% in C language.

AMI-CPC contain a documentation in AmigaGuide format, in French and in English.

What's new in version 0.46:
  • Support XPK decompression for the DSK disk images