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Its me... My name is Ludovic DEPLANQUE, you can mail me at ldeplanque@nordnet.fr, I'm an AMIGA fan since 1990 (when I bought my first A2000), I have the following configurations :

  • A2000B, 68000 at 7 Mhz, HD Quantum LPS 52Mo SCSI (on card GVP HCD+), 4Mo FAST,
  • CD32 + FMV module
  • A1200 CBM, Blizzard 1230 - 50Mhz, 4Mo Fast, HD Seagate 420Mo IDE,
  • A1200 CBM tower, Blizzard 1260 - 50Mhz, 16Mo Fast, HD Quantum Fireball 1,2Go IDE, HD Conner 800Mo IDE, HD IBM 320Mo IDE on amovibe rack, Scsi Blizzard, CD-ROM Scsi 4x.

  • And dont miss...

  • Amstrad CPC 6128 QWERTY,
  • Amstrad CPC 6128 AZERTY, color monitor, DMP 2160 printer, B: floppy in 5,25 inches, video digitizer ARA.

  • And...

  • ZX Spectrum 48K, joystick interface, 8 digital I/O interface.

I prevailed a few times on CPC in the world of the demoss, with group PARADOX CPC (DEMONIAK, it was me...), I also carried out some programs published by late company MBC: ULTRA SOUNDS and MIKE & MOKO.

For AMIGA, I did not have same time to devote to him as to my CPC... Because I am not student any more, I work...
And unfortunately, my current job does not have anything to have with AMIGA, since I program softwares under Win... My time granted to AMIGA is thus rather limited...