What is AMI-CPC ?

Infos about author, send a email...

Some ray-traced pictures...


You can download here :

  • Ami-cpc V0.46, dated of 21/01/1998 and size of 269 789 bytes
  • Thumb Beta, dated of 18/01/1998 and size of 24 328 bytes. Warning, this is a beta version, and there is no documentation at this time...
  • PC-CPC, size of 325 457 bytes, which developpment is stopped. The sources are included.
  • Other of my programs can be usefull, if so, please send me a email with the name of the program. This is the list:

    - Thumb : a small program to create thumbnails of images, using the DataTypes,

    - ShowKlondike : a viewer of Klondike cardsets,

    - CrunchIFF : an IFF-ILBM picture optimizer,

    - and perhaps a PC version of the CPC emulator : PC-CPC.